Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hello to the big goodbye!

Morning all!
I decided on Saturday that it was time to start saying goodbye to all the cardstock I have that is not Stampin' Up or in the SU colours. I can't replace it anyway and on the whole I much prefer SU colours. So, here is the first card in the attempt but far from the last as I have tons of it.
I used some orange pearlesent cardstock to make the 5" square base card, embossed with my Fiskars board and then matted and layered some with the Forever Friends stamp and the "Hello" stamp . I watercoloured with some pencils I bought from Smiths and finished off with some punched dots in the brown as it ties in with the dots on the "Hello"
A very simple card to make but jollied along with the shiny card.
Ooh, SHINY!!!!

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Abi Bundy said...

love this forever friends teddy :) I still have loads of non stampin up card i just neer get chance to use it or i let the kids use it :)