Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Don't be sad...be beautiful!


I usually only put papercraft items on my blog but I decided that I might aswell post some of the other things that I make on here. Why not? So here is a topsy-turvy doll I knitted a while ago. I think the designer is Jean Greenhowe.
So here she is. My Cinderella doll. What do you think?
As the belle of the ball she has a dance card in one hand with all the dances set aside for the Hansome Prince and in the other a fan.I know that her face does look quite pale but it was actually a pale flesh coloured wool.
Anyway I love her to bits even though she sits out of sight in the corner of a room.
Anyway, have a great day and thanks for looking!


Smilerswife said...

She is so cute!!! Hope my baby doesnt see her...she will want her!!...lol

Abi Bundy said...

Do you know what i always wanted one of these dolls but i never got one, this is really cute!